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Budget Car Rental is a Car rental agency located at 140 Courtland St NE, Atlanta, GA 30303. It has received 246 reviews with an average rating of 2.6 stars.





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  • The address of Budget Car Rental: 140 Courtland St NE, Atlanta, GA 30303

  • Budget Car Rental has 2.6 stars from 246 reviews

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  • "I had the absolute worst experience ever returning my rental car"

    "My son reserved a vehicle 1 week ahead of time to travel for my daughter in laws fathers funeral"

    "Terrible experience"

    "We had an incredibly poor experience from start to finish, and beyond that"

    "I can honestly say this was my worst rental car experience of my life!! Would not recommend this place to anyone"


  • Chaun Campos

I had the absolute worst experience ever returning my rental car. It felt like I was being profiled except it was so hard to believe because of the person doing it. I had a very pleasant experience when I initially rented my car after a whole day of desperately searching for a rental while my car was being used by a family member. The woman that assisted me was extremely helpful and pleasant. Fast forward to when I returned my vehicle yesterday. An employee named Gary was not only rude, he accused me of smoking in the vehicle because my younger brother and cousin had to assist me driving back. He not only accused me of smoking LOUDLY, but he did it in a tone that was condescending and matter of fact as if he knew that I had wronged him in some way. After verifying that he was actually accusing me of smoking in the car and why, as opposed to arguing with him, I asked him for his name and a way to complain about my experience. He ignored me and smirked then finally gave me the name “Gary” and threatened to charge me for smoking in the vehicle. I have not smoked in years because of my health and I sincerely feel that because of the way that my brother looked and smelled (he does smoke and his clothes reeked- but he was in the vehicle I own until I got ill on the way to return my rental - which “Gary” apparently saw) I was profiled and treated this way. There is no way that my rental smelled of smoke because no one smoked in it and I am truly embarrassed and hurt by the way that I was treated by “GARY”. Before I left he handed me a receipt but would not tell me if he was returning my deposit or charging me for his paranoia. I do not recommend going here if you are a person of color. Although Gary was a black gay man, it was very clear how he felt about me. I will be filling a BBB complaint and relentlessly complaining about this experience not because I’m hurt but because of Gary’s last action towards me. He in big bold letters wrote only his first name and referred me to the woman who I believe initially assisted me with my rental. I have no words and hope that this is not how all Budgets treat their customers. This was traumatic, inappropriate, and unnecessary. I believe that this employee needs some form of unconscious bias training or retraining on customer interactions in general before he scars another customer.

  • lori nwaro

My son reserved a vehicle 1 week ahead of time to travel for my daughter in laws fathers funeral. When they arrived the day of to pick up the car they were told that it would cost an additional $300 dollars because they were traveling to NY and that they could only rent 1 way. They were not informed until the day of even though they arranged the vehicle 1 week before. Now here they were with 3 small children in tow waiting for hours.Frustrated they were took the vehicle because there was no time to use another company and make the funeral. When they finally made it to their destination, they called budget corporate and was informed that they cannot be forced to pay 1 way when they scheduled a round trip. They were able to modify the trip and return the vehicle back to Budget Atlanta where they originally picked up the car. The corporate office made many attempts to contact the owners without success. They advised my son to talk to the company manager upon his return. My son spent hours trying to reach them and did not get through until he met an agent at the counter when he dropped the vehicle off. They told him they were gonna charge him an additional $300 for not leaving the car in New York.. Apparently this particular Budget is private owned, and from reading the reviews, they use all types of language and tactics to rip off the customer. We will be filing with the BBB and we will also take this matter up with corporate. If they are accepting this type of behavior under the corporate banner, all should be held accountable..This company does not even deserve the one star.

  • Rudy Mata

Terrible experience. I’m a student traveling to Atlanta for the summer for an internship and I was left in the rain without a car. Being a young renter, I know I’m obligated to pay a fee and Budget explicitly told me that my quote included the fee over the phone. When I got to the site, they wanted to tack on another $800 a month and simply “apologized for the wrong info” I got over the phone — my rental would’ve amounted to $3,200 for the two months instead of the $1,400 I was quoted. The manager didn’t seem to care about my issue and just shrugged. They had other customers who were in there the same time as me who were also furious about something else. I hate to be the kind of person to do that and thought that being patient and respectful would yield good customer service but nothing. This was an awful experience. I called corporate, was told AGAIN that my reservation had my age on it and that the fee was already built into the $1,400 until ultimately the third rep on the phone said it wasn’t. After two hours, Budget wouldn’t do anything for me except a half-assed apology. THREE times I was told the wrong information— they couldn’t honor anything. It wasn’t a fact of not paying the young renters fee— it was the fact I was lied to about it when making my reservation and left stranded without a vehicle after hours. I spent $500 more at Enterprise but I’d pay way more to give them my business in exchange for quality service and actually decent customer service. Never renting with Budget again. It’s a shame, they could’ve locked in a lifelong customer.

  • Sonali Samarasena

We had an incredibly poor experience from start to finish, and beyond that. From the time of pick up, in Atlanta, our pick up person was met with poor customer service by the agent helping him, and berated. We were even made to cancel the reservation and rebook because of a payment policy that had supposedly been put in place 2 years ago, but had not been implemented until our pick up person butted heads with this individual. After having no trouble with our reservation for the two-week duration they used the car, we returned it with no damages. The keys were handed over to an agent, and the agent did a full walk around, without making note or alerting us of any damages. This gives us reason to believe that these charges have been made in retaliation to our initial encounter. OR they are trying to claim damages at our expense in order to fix up the car. We have now been served an estimate of damages to the bumper (noting that a replacement needs to be made followed by a finish sand and buff) we are not responsible for. And when we attempted to contest these charges, we were again met with rudeness, apathy, and a general lack of willingness to help. Calling the general budget line does not help either because they are an independent location, and I went through 4 representatives before I was told that they wouldn't be able to access my information. When I asked if there was anyone else I could speak to, I was transferred to the main menu without any sort of closure. DO NOT rent from this location if you can help it.

  • Stephanie Walton

I can honestly say this was my worst rental car experience of my life!! Would not recommend this place to anyone. My husband and I had a week long vacation planned to visit Savannah, GA and needed a rental car to get us there from Atlanta. I had booked our rental car WEEKS in advance and had paid in full. When we arrived at the rental car facility the woman working the front desk was extremely rude. She asked if we had a reservation which we provided to her. She then proceeded to tell us that they didn't have any cars available for us. She then stated that she "tried" to call us to notify us but didn't have a phone number listed on file (which was a complete lie). They had a 5-wheel pick up truck available to us which was not ideal for us for the amount of driving we had planned. We also received a confirmation email the night before stating we were all set to pick up our car. In an unfamiliar city, this was very unsettling and unprofessional as we needed a vehicle that day. Luckily, there was an AVIS across the street that was extremely helpful and had a car available to us. Even though we had to pay more money for the vehicle, I will continue to rent from AVIS and avoid Budget at all cost. The most frustrating part of the situation was I had to call a 1-800 number and wait on hold for at least 20 minutes to get refunded. At the very least Budget should have been able to refund me right on the spot.

  • bejankl hylln

This was the most horrible experience that I ever had in renting a car. I prepaid my reservation with a bank debit master card. When I made my reservation by phone the reservationist informed me of their debit card policy and I also read them online. The manager on duty at this location had his own set of rules regarding the payment method of a debit card. I presented him these current items: 1)_valid GA Driver's License, 2)_utility bill upper portion with present address and dollar amount, 3)_insurance notice of payment, 4)_bank statement, and 4)_another bank account online by phone. Everything had my name and current residential address. He would come up with his own opinionated policy. I just went ahead and cancel my reservation. It does not stop there, when I called the "800" number to cancel my reservation there was another issue. They informed me that I would not be refunded the full prepaid amount within 3-10 business days. I had to explain in details of my cancellation. Nevertheless, a cancellation email did arrive and I am waiting to see what will happen within the next 10 days. DO NOT GO THERE WITH A DEBIT CARD AND EXPECT TO LEAVE WITH A RENTAL CAR!

  • Victoria Gunther

We rented a 15 passenger van June 4 -6, 2021 from the ATL airport Budget Rental, to drive several elderly couples to a convention. Not only did we wait 2 hours in line, but we discovered the passenger seats were not bolted down or the seat belts usable! My husband managed to find all but one bolt to lock the seats into place. Two more hours later all seats were safe, except for one which was used for luggage. Upon returning the van, the night manager offered a full refund, but he did not process the refund, and later, after waiting the requested 5 days for the refund to appear, the executive office refused to honor the refund despite the seriousness of the situation. My husband did not realize the passenger seats were not bolted in until he fell over with the middle seat while attempting to make a seat belt useable! Protect yourself, family and friends by renting your vehicle elsewhere. Budget was sadly understaffed to the point that safety issues were of no concern. No other rental car agency had a waiting line of more than one or two guests. Shop smart for your next rental car in Atlanta!

  • Angela Wylie

Budget rental 437 West Pike Street Lawrenceville, Ga. Be careful they will try to make you pay for damages to the vehicle that isn’t there. She try to convince me to see something that wasn’t there. Stand up for yourself. They probably do this to a lot of customers to see if they can get money out of them. I rented the car on May 31_June 1. I drove the vehicle to Dallas Ga. over night. When I picked the car up it was waiting by the front door. My husband and I went inside we looked over the car. The two employees never came outside to look over the car with us. (Lazy) I asked how are we supposed to see any damages through all this dirt. They replied just mark anything if you see it. The car was very dirt on the outside. When we returned the car the employee said it’s a dent on the passenger side. I went out and looked, it was nothing there. I told her to point it out and she pointed at dirt. She said someone hit the car. I told her I don’t know what game your playing but we’re not going to do that. I’m not paying for something that’s not there. She said ok don’t worry about it.

  • Lillian O

0 Stars is the right amount they deserve. If I could leave No stars I would. Agent at counter added extra charge to my rental. I noticed it after I returned from my trip. When I called customer service the agent was very rude and unprofessional. It was a waste of time to get my refund. I will Never rent from Budget again. They are very deceiving and don't care to help their customers. Wanted to give an update on the poor customer service from Budget. Is an auto service that replies to customers issues. They did not address my issue. They did not refunded me the charge I did not authorized, but had the audacity to offer me a $40 certificate on a future car rental. Basically asking me to pay for more money. I couldn't believe this email and I reiterated I would not use Budget ever again. Not sure why they don't have any ability to provide good customer service. They don't have the capacity to have customer retention either. I will Not use Budget ever again.

  • C.S. Luster

My mom & I planned a visit to ATL months ago...Airfare with Delta & car rental with Budget. We are now waiting at the airport for 2 hours for our rental car? that we reserved months ago? We received no notification of any delays. We rushed through ATL's monstrous airport (my mom in a wheelchair) to get our car on time...so disappointing. We are in ATL for an annual visit with my nephews as we remember their mother (my mom's oldest daughter)who died 3 years ago on December 15, 2020 @ 4:40pm in Smyrna, GA. My grief is overwhelming this time of the year and my emotions are all over the place. My mom has been carrying her grief. Please, Lord, I need to hold it together. Atlanta Airport is taxing enough. My wish...Budget Car Rental (airport location) will hopefully close it's counters to make room for a solid, professional company that wants to stay in business by keeping returning customers.

  • Melanie Manigault

0/10 experience. I returned the car back on time and without damages. After the agent “in-training” checked me out, I get a call an hour and a half later from another agent (who calls herself the manager, Mya) saying that there’s a crack on the windshield. I went back up there to see what it was an instantly knew it was not as a result of myself. I asked the agent who initially checked me out why didn’t she say anything after she went out to ‘inspect’ the car and she stated that she just went out there to check the fuel and mileage and she didn’t check for anything additional BUT based on the crack, she couldn’t have missed it so I know it was never there! They just kept going on about how she was in training so it’s fine if she couldn’t recall. Absolutely unacceptable. I’ve contacted corporate and I pray this location gets better management/service workers. DO NOT RENT FROM HERE. JUST DON’T.

  • G F

7am Flight was cancelled, had to get another one. Arrived to budget fastbreak (cancelling) at 12pm and had the pleasure (note the sarcasm) of talking to Summer. (As a side note, Summer needs to be kept away from any form of customer service… or human interaction for that matter) Summer Impolitely told me car was cancelled cause we don’t wait 5 hours for you and that they had no cars (prepaid reservation) I had a Funeral to attend and was stressed as it was. The distasteful customer service interaction, the ease at which Budget took my money and then told me to wait 4 hours and the fact I had to Uber ($200) to arrive there late resulted in a an all round nightmare day. Budget Group. Lack of empathy, lack of customer service, lack of compassion. One less car rental company to consider next time. Displeasure as always Budget Atlanta Airport!

  • Mike Smith

I went to the location to pick up my car and the lady was very rude to me I don't know why? She's not professional, she doesn't know what's exactly requirement to Rent-A-Car, She doesn't know how to do the job and she asked me to bring something not required just to make it hard She was acting doesn't want to deal with me again I don't know why? I spent almost 2 hours just to pick up a car just because this lady made everything hard and not acceptable I had to talk the manager ,the manager was nice and she told me exactly what I need . The car was OK and clean. I think budget have to hire some people at least they can smile and treat customers nicely not like an enemy. I'm a business owner and I spend thousands a month with budget for my business , but after what happened actually I have to go with Enterprise. Thank you

  • Sarah

If you want to be out 1000$+, use Budget. They canceled my reservation because they wouldn’t use my spouses card, and told us they’d refund the money in 3-10 days. Sounds great, was super delighted that they could work with us on things that was not listed on their site. They then charged my card and we waited for the refund. Almost 3 Weeks later we still do not have a refund so we contacted them. They claimed they charged my husbands credit card for the rental instead of my card after the cancellation. We have provided them with proof that they not only canceled that rental but charged my debit card. The staff was delightful and super helpful for me on site. However, The corporate company is horrible to deal with, they told us we had to call the branch we went to. That branch told us we need to call corporate.

  • Truelove Studios

I've rented from this location many times for years now, locally and for trips out of state. While there are occasions which are practically unavoidable with this type of industry that might lead to frustrating circumstances with cars not being ready or a shortage of cars, they actually are far more likely to have everything ready and have you in and out pretty quick. Especially great service with their long term rental program staff, you are definitely treated as a priority the entire time of your rental. This location is not the size of the airport so keep that in mind, it's best to have a reservation, or call ahead to find out availability before showing up last minute. Just have your License, a credit card, and be over 25 and you'll be taken care of and in a clean and very new model vehicle in no time

  • Amber Nicole

I tried renting from this company and booked the reservation a day before. Was told the deposit was $250 but when I got there it was $300. Then told me there was an additional fee added on because of age, which was fine, but none of this was said or shown when I added my age on the reservation. I got there to pick up the van and some employee with a gray Fredrick douglass hairstyle was very rude. He was not giving the customer service experience at all. He told me the deposit that was shown was from the corporate business. Then I asked about getting a quote for an extra guy and he said that was also on the corporate site. It was ridiculous. Don’t list anything if it’s not coming from the rules, regulations or services of where I’m booking. I just canceled everything and left. Will not EVER go back here.

  • Luke Templer

I waited an hour past when the rental was supposed to be ready, which really made the afternoon job I had planned incredibly stressful considering that the office closes at 6:00 and failing to return the van by that time causes me to be charged for the next day, plus either paying for overnight parking at the adjacent garage (they do not have free parking at the lot) or paying for 2 Uber rides to avoid that fee. I wound up finishing the job, but taking an hour off of a 4.5 hour job made it much harder, riskier, and more stressful than it should have been. The people I dealt with in the office were great, and there wasn't anything they could do to make the van arrive any more quickly. Cutting an hour off of an afternoon rental is not okay, though.

  • MARILYN Robinson

I arrived 2 hours before my actual car was booked. Wasn't told that I could go through the process and wait for my car as there was a back up of some sort. After watching so many people waiting around for their cars I decided to go at 9 on the line since I asked someone and they said they were in fact waiting. Completed the booking shortly after 9 and didn't get my vehicle until 40 mins later. Upon returning the car 7 minutes pass the 30mins. Grace period they had the nerve to still charge me for an entire day's rate plus taxes and insurance! For 7 minutes! I think it is poor customer service and business practice. Do not rent from here unless you are OK with procedures and policies over customer service and relationships.

  • Brian Oaks

We had a sports tournament in Atlanta and purchased a 24 pack of water bottles at a gas station. We did not drink all of the water before returning to the airport. Upon arrival, we gave a bottle to the sweet woman where we returned the vehicle. I asked if there was a trash can where we could dump the remaining bottles because we couldn't take any on the plane. She suggested we just leave the bottles. The cleaning crew would love to have them. Awesome! I didn't have to waste them. A few weeks later I get a $125 cleaning bill for liquids left in the vehicle. I called Budget to explain the situation and they said they couldn't refund the money but only reduce the charge a little. Unbelievable. That's wrong on so many levels.

  • Jess Joan

Renters PLEASE BEWARE. This location is not affiliated with the main budgets corporation. They are they are independently owned and have their own rules and regulations that the staff make up as needed. They will overcharge your card and they will overbook more cars than they have then try to offer you pick up trucks in replacement for the car that you reserved. Getting in contact with customer service or anyone from budget ATL corporate is nearly impossible. They hold over $200 on your card in at the end of your rental service they charge you that $200 in addition to gas even if you fill the tank. If you don’t have time or money to waste I suggest you go with a different renting company when in ATL.

  • Barry M

I arrived at the service counter at 9pm after my arriving flight. There was a 45 minute line due to a lack of customer service representatives. I finally was helped only to be told I would have to wait around for 2 hours until a car was available for me. I was exhausted, but had to kill two hours and returned at midnight to finally retrieve my vehicle. This is the last time I patronize Budget. They have no respect for their customers and their staff are poorly trained. The old adage, you get what you pay for couldn’t be more true with Budget. They may have the lowest price, but they treat their customers horrible. Going forward I will go out of my way to avoid Budget Car Rental altogether.


This is the worst car rental company (although the employee was so nice). Rented a car 2 months ahead of time. Got to the place to pick up my car and it wasn’t there. He said it was in its way from Atlanta and should be there in about an hour then they would need about 30 minutes to clean. I drive back home and they called and said there was no sign of my car and my only other option was to drive to Atlanta (3 hour round trip) and see if they had a similar vehicle. We were planning to leave in 6 hours for a 13-14 hour drive. They offered no help when I called customer service. This is the worst rental company and I will NEVER attempt to rent through them again.

  • Mason Campbell

People are extremely rude. Litterally canceled my trip because of them. Tried to tell me because I had my wife at the counter they wouldn’t rent to me because only one person in line, but she was to be added as a driver. The airport packed no seating. What about social distancing? I kept her with me. Also flight delayed I called many hours ahead and asked if they would be there after closing or I could make other plans. They said they would stay till 12:30 I arrived at 12:15 to nobody on site to rent to me. I was 1 of maybe 10 told the same lie. After that they had the audacity to be rude and threatening. Yeah 0 stars and every employee there is a joke.

  • Denise LeFrancois

Rudest customer service people ever! The woman behind the desk this morning, working 10/2/2021...nasty attitude. My son had a reservation and he walked in without a mask! She told him he needed to get a mask BECAUSE she wasn't wearing one!! He didn't have a mask. He left the building and had his friend go in to get the rental. THE FRIEND HAD A MASK ON!! She told him she didn't care if they were stranded and she would not rent them a car. Such nastiness in this time of everyone being on edge. She should not be renting cars to people that need them. Corporate should know this happens there. This is the Budget car rental on Courtland St in Atlanta GA

  • armelia jackson

Horrible experience!! On a company business trip my mother calls said budget has be calling she gave me the number, I called to see what was the problem. Heather the general manager begins to disrespect and belittle me as if I was her child, once she was done she promptly hangs the phone up in my face. I tried calling back several time she repeatedly picked up and hung up the phone so I couldn’t get to speak to her or hear the voicemail. Eventually I called from another phone she didn’t answer but I left a voicemail that still hasn’t been returned. Disgusting way to treat a person let alone a customer.

  • jade williams

I was told I could not use my Apple Card for the deposit on a prepaid rental. Just the deposit was put on another credit card. I rented in JULY and still have not received my deposit back (October). I filed a dispute and budget claimed the charge was accurate. I called them and sorted it out. In AUGUST I received it from budget in writing that my deposit would be returned in 7-10 days. Still have not received it back. I keep calling and being told it’s “in progress”. I will NEVER rent from budget and cannot recommend them to anyone I know. Steer clear of this horribly ran rental company.

  • Tianna Barber

Left my iPad in a rental, which definitely is my fault...however, it took forever to hear back from a representative, and I called and left a voicemail immediately after realizing I left my iPad. All I got in return was a voicemail from Gabriel, the senior airport manager, that he didn’t find the iPad, days after I had called repeatedly trying to get in contact with someone. Definitely believe that it was stolen by either one of the representatives or the renters (which I understand they can’t do anything about). I’m mostly frustrated with the lack of communication on their end.

  • Ikechukwu “Maxwell” Nwaro

They charged me $365 for a one-way charge on a car I brought back. Charged my $319 for bringing it back. $250 deposit became $300. Forgot an item in the car and they didn't thoroughly check and clean the car and re-rented the car or, so now I'm playing tag trying to get my personal belongings. No one picks up their phone. I'm absolutely appalled by this company and will never use them again. I'm reporting the staff that continuously didn't do their job professionals, efficiently or with any sense of urgency. Do yourself a favor and consider WAKING before renting from here.

  • Karissa Preston

Terrible. Reserved a car 3 months in advance. Asked for a mid sized sedan. Got to the counter after a long day of travel and was told they didn't have the car I reserved (though I booked months in advance). Instead, I was given a Challenger with a hemi, wonderful, not. Thanks for the gas guzzling boat when all I wanted was a comfortable sedan. Oh, did I mention I'm paying almost $200 more for the fact that they didn't have the car I reserved??? Yeah. That's the last time I use budget. There's clearly no reason to make a reservation when it won't be acknowledged.

  • 1983 Greek

So sorry I ever walked into this place to even ask about renting cars. Which they do not have and never have because people that live in the area do not own cars and therefore rent. So you will never walk in and rent a car here but I did find a ghetto fabulous brat of a child who was so excited to see me hit my wits end after a whole series laden with unfortunate events that were responsible for bringing me to walk through the door. I dont know what is up with people in this area, but they are dead inside and someone who knows should write a horror flick.

  • AlexRaye Kieta

this budget is the worst car rental place i've ever been to! they had NO cars in the lot available for rent, and despite my reservation, refused to call and see if other budgets had any they could drive there or that i could go to myself. the lady behind the counter offered no solutions and kept switching attention between 4 customers, giving short answers and vague information, not helping or focusing on anyone in particular. i was told to wait with no guarantee any vehicle at all would show up or how long i would be waiting. i wish i could give a 0/5!

  • Fatima Sesay

Absolutely terrible! The girl at the counter was rude and not helpful AT ALL! Said my license “didn’t go through” and gave no explanation, didn’t try to assist in any type of way. Simply told me it didn’t go through and we can’t rent to you sorry. Mind you it’s 11PM everything is about to close and pretty much left me stuck. Thank God I have resources and was able to make other arrangements. I will NEVER use this company again. Get some better, more professional staff because they were garbage. They are 100% making you lose business.

  • Vashti Chatman

Not even worth 1 star. Thoroughly disappointed. I've given Budget multiple chances and the last 3 rental experiences have been horrible. Dirty vehicles, vehicles with mechanical trouble, and some staff were rude and careless. Budget employees seem overworked and unhappy. Most recently I prepaid my rental one month in advance. They sold out of cars, sent me to 3 different lots to ultimately tell me they were sold out completely everywhere and only 2 hours before my pick up time. I will never rent from Budget again, EVER.

  • Jennifer Crocker

It’s like the Seinfeld episode, so you can make the reservation but you can’t hold the reservation. Booked months in advance but when we showed up to pick up our car they said they didn’t have one. Yet, on the lot they literally had 75 plus cars. The 800 Reservation line does not communicate properly w the Privately owned budget facility in the airport. If you’re looking for a one-way rental look somewhere else as you will be misled, misguided and they will overcharge you even if you have a contract and an agreed price.

  • Tim Brown

They simply don't care. The Tesla I had reserved and paid for was not ready when I arrived. They said I had to wait for one to be cleaned, but since I was in a rush to a meeting I had to accept a dirty one, which only had 61% charge. I explained this to the manager Manager after returning and instead of dealing with it he told me to call customer service. I called the customer service number over 30 times during work hours and no one answered the phone. Avoid them unless this is something you want to deal with.

  • James Freitag

Waited 1 hr. and 45 min. in line to get to the counter. ( 1/2 as long as the flight from Los Angeles) Then squeezed into a Mini Cooper even though I had reserved a Corolla but could not wait longer. Car supplied was found to not have hood latched properly as we exited on to Atlanta freeways. Emergency pull off to freeway shoulder exposed me to high speed traffic to completely latch' hood. Thus far I have been assured my complaint will be responded to within 48 hours. THREE TIMES !! Do not take your chances.

  • Cornelius Allen

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  • Polo Keeton

This place is the worst they tell you one price and black and white and when you get there they want to add and Tech on so many different charges that I just cancelled my order and left even the agents seemed very unala chable about why they wanted to charge an extra $300 and they were willing to let me walk so I walked terrible place to do business horrible customer service and very rude policies do not deal with this place just go to U-Haul and save you time and money

  • Karmalita Jones

Who tells You you cant book a rental car because your COUNTY is too far away, AFTER accepting Your reservation? Should've figured that out prior to me catching an AMTRAK to downtown Atlanta to rent a car! Whole reason I came from Stephens County was to rent a reliable car for travel. Full coverage insurance would've covered any damages occurred during the rental period. However, this is a FRANCHISE so beware of their ONSITE rules, make sure You have other options....

  • Joe Alfera

Rented a car in one city and drove it to another. They forced me to take a truck. I called after driving for a few hours to see if I could switch cars at another location, but was told I would have to drive to the original location to do this. I was told would get a small refund to compensate for gas but after several months and several phone calls with customer service I have received no such refund. Useless company, will never use again and will never recommend.

  • Michael Robbins

Get this... I fly into ATL and place the car on my credit card. The Budget agent runs the card and hands me the keys. 6 months later I receive a collection notice in the mail for the amount due. I call Budget of ATL and they said "oh our agent forgot to charge your card so you still owe us. I asked why didn't you just call me. They stated " it's easier for us to just send it to collections." What the hell is wrong with these people. NEVER AGAIN! BEWARE!

  • Christina Powe

Dirty cars. Literally watched these guys give the rental I had to someone without even cleaning it. Poor customers service. The inside of the location is filthy, dark, and not welcoming. Read the other reviews. They are accurate. Refusing to answer the phone in the middle of the day. I hope this location is not a reflection of the entire budget company. Do not waste your time renting here. Sad excuse for a rental car company.

  • Andrew Cook

This location doesn't take the apple card, and I tried using the physical apple card. The random "no apple card" policy at the ATL airport was not consistant with the online process. I used my apple card during the online reservation process to prepay for the rental. Then, I was told I couldn't use the apple card to pick up the rental. If budget doesn't want to take the apple card then don't let customers pay with it online.

  • Memri Chaverst

DO NOT GO HERE!! DO NOT GO HERE! Terrible customer service. Terrible experience. Rented car same day and was told once I arrived that they have no cars. Why did you slow me to book?? Black African man was extremely rude and unhelpful and made the process very difficult. He didn’t want to rent to us obviously. Asked us to leave once he took my money and would not give me a refund. The worst experience I’ve ever had anywhere.


Please go rent a car anywhere but here. Cant get anyone to answer the phone. There a budget affiliate company over charge. My credit card. Check the car in after i had already got in my flight. I called several times no answer …DO NOT GO HERE!! DO NOT GO HERE! Terrible customer service. Terrible experience Black African man was extremely rude and unhelpful and made the process. The worst experience I’ve ever had anywhere.

  • Cat

I should have had my truck by 12:30. It's almost 4:30 now. Turns out, another person renting a truck requested one earlier this week for today and THEIR truck isn't here either. No representatives are at the desk. No explanations other than blaming the lack of trucks on other people. Now that I'm reading other reviews I'm a little nervous about what I might be getting when (and if) it ever gets here lmao

  • cpizzle cpizzle

Horrible service. Customer service agent at counter Gary Is extremely rude and unprofessional. Went to rent a car there and Gary told me he wasnt answering any of my questions and to "To talk through my girlfriend" because she was making the reservation even though i paid for the rental. Does not know how to conduct service with respect to others. Will not recommend renting here at all. Horrible service

  • Kevin Cheesborough (Gouda)

I would not recommend renting from this location - if Budget at all. I was told they could not assist me due to my ID being bent. Don't go somewhere a minor technicality may prevent you from renting - and my valid license having a slight bend in it was the pettiest, most minute technicality of them all. I went to Enterprise and was in and out with a car in 10 minutes. With a bend in my license.

  • Katrina Cheek

If I could leave no stars I would. The staff are rude and misleading. Walked away from me while I was asking questions and refused to work with me in anyway after I paid in advance in full for my rental prior to presenting to the location multiple two days in a row. I will never take my business to budget ever again. Employees named Mya and Jace .the third woman did not give me her name .

  • Ninja Princess

Customer service was fine and they handled things after the fact but there were too many hidden fees and such. They placed a hold on my card for twice the amount of the rental and never told me that I had to wait 7-10 BUSINESS DAYS TO GET MY MONEY BACK. Y’all won’t let me leave the lot without paying WHY AM I LEAVING WITHOUT ALL OF MY MONEY. I just hate budget Atlanta. Truly.

  • Rhiannon Martin

Worst rental company. Brought a car back with a full fuel tank. Had to prove it was full fuel tank to get refunded the prepaid gas option. Sent refund to another credit card that the reservation was not paid for or authorized to use because it was on file. Had to go back and forth with so many people to get nowhere. There are so many other better companies. Don't bother!!

  • Latrina Franklin

The wait is absolutely unbelievable. If they are under staffed, just close down for crying out loud. There is two lines. We literally have been standing in line for an hour 1/2. Two employees working the counter is unacceptable in a busy airport like ATL . I will never rent from this place again. Bye Budget. I didn’t even want to give a 1 star. SHUT DOWN OR GET HELP.

  • Nellie Black

Do not book here; it was an absolute horrendous nightmare. I understand that it was late, but omg, we waited over 3 hours to get our car. The people who were supposed get the car services had no sense of urgency. They brought cars up roughly every 30-40 minutes. There we're over 20 families waiting and it was evident that the employees were not in a rush to assist.

  • Al McRae

Scheduled a pick up online for a same day pick up. Get to the site and was told “we don’t have any trucks” and “we don’t do same day rentals.” Not only do they have two trucks, but the site ALLOWED me to make the reservation. Not only that, the associate was a complete jerk about the whole thing as if this was my fault. I wish I could give them negative stars!

  • sarah christopher

Do not use these crooks. Paid 178 for a 1 day rental and am stuck in traffic to return it and will be about 1 1/2 later than scheduled and they are charging me for a another day. So for a little over a 1 day trip will cost me well over $300. Did I mention they gave me a crappy Ford Focus with transmission problems? Works rental car company. Do not use them!

  • Kieran Penrose

They seem to default to adding every option unless you ask for it to be removed, car was given with 1/4 tank after being told was full but with photo evidence car was accepted back with no issues, deposit was received back in 2 days, car hadn’t been cleaned before I collected it and had to have it valeted as covered in mud on outside but overall not bad

  • Leslie Grant

Terrible customer service. Here sitting outside the facility wanting to return a rented car. Im a Fastbreak customer. Granted, I'm here early and they open at 8.. But I have made numerous attempts to talk with 3 different employees going through the gate and not one of them would even look in my direction. Last time I'm renting a car from Budget...

  • Kefun Ch

Sketchy AF. This guy who worked there looked like he hated his job. Luckily I booked ahead with Costco and saved a few bucks. I got a camry and it only had 200mi on it, practically brand new. Still had the leather and new car smell. They tell you to gas up before returning car because they charge you by the tank which is dumb.

  • Floyd Brewer

This place is the absolute worst car rental place I’ve ever experienced. The staff was horribly slow and rude. I didn’t get the car I pre-ordered weeks in advance. I will never use them again. The other car rental companies ran circles around them and seem to be a lot friendlier. I wouldn’t advise anyone to use this location

  • Suzanne Collins

Have been sitting here for over an hour now - there is about 40 people in line with only 2 representatives working? I understand the shortage of workers - at least make 2 lines - ones for people with reservations and one for those who don't so we're not waiting for people that ask 5 million questions very frustrating …

  • Milton Kirby

I drove a friend to get a rental car from the Courtland Street Budget location. The attendant was quite friendly and patient. My friend presented the reservation number and the attendant let us know that the car was ready and available. Lisa was very professional and courteous. She made it an easy and pleasant experience.

  • Shunmugam Mohan

Loved this rental experience today!! Yasmin was super helpful is shifting my reservation from a SUV to a minivan. Super polite and very professional! Kason was very helpful in getting my minivan really cleaner and set the right tire pressure. He even suggested me to check the rims and back bumper for damages. Top notch!!

  • Megan Connors

I wish I can give 0 stars! They charged me $165 for gas! For a two and a half day rental they charged me $600. The car was a little over $400 and I was supposed to get back a $300 return but they said They needed to fuel the car at $10 per gallon! What gas station charged $10 a gallon! I will never use budget again!

  • Diana Park-Alford

Located in downtown Atlanta. Picked car up here instead of airport. Rudest front desk clerk. Said I made 3 reservations when I only did one and he was so unfriendly. I'm a fastbreak member and that didn't matter. Car they gave me for midsize was a corolla and it had stains on the seats. Just not a good experience.

  • Ebony

Horrible customer service. Trying to charge for 1 week when I only had the car for one day. Supervisor switched the vehicle make n model of car bc the one I reserved online was not available and they tried to charge me for that as well. Never again will I come to this budget or any budget rental car service!!!!

  • Yolanda Allen

The rep was great and polite. Budget is the best was able to use debit card just few requirements. When you call customer service they don't tell what you need with debit card to rent. I was told deposit and run driver license that's all you also need check stub, bank statement or bill with same address as DL.

  • Steve

If I could give 1/4 star I would. They denied me a rental, not because I couldn't pay but, because my ID had a crack in it. I never heard of such bull in all my life. Avoid wasting your time here, instead go to hertz down the street where it is hassle free and cheaper. First rule of business is get the sale.

  • Cory Crawford

Horrible. I live in Albany, Ga but work 2 jobs in Atlanta. I reserved a car online, just to travel 3 hours back to Albany for a day, gathered all the documents that I was instructed to have upon arrival only to get there and they tell me that I can't rent a car because I don't have an Atlanta address.

  • Ryan Lee

Had reservations made for me at this budget got off the plane to pick up my car and they told me there were no cars left and they didn’t know what happened I had a confrontation code and had paid prior to pick up. The front desk lady left momentarily after telling me this. This mail business practice

  • Jasmine Ross

The worst rental experience ever. Customer service is awful. Prepaid for a full size car once I got to the location they told me I had booked a compact car. They wouldn't even honor their word. Also they charge a deposit even when booking with a major credit card. First and last time renting here

  • Nolan Alexander

I would give zero stars if I could. I showed up to atl from Detroit with a reservation and the 300 hold turned into 1500 so I had to cancel leaving me with no car as every car is sold out. Now I have to take an uber to my hotel. I will NEVER use budget again. Avoid this location at all costs.

  • Black And Comely

This is the worst place to rent a car. Go to another place cause you will be waiting 4 hours for a car. No communication and if someone was after you complains, then they get the car but you still waiting for hours and hours. This is the sorriest place I ever rented a car from. Never again

  • Eric Tennant

Worst possible customer service. As soon as I boarded my plane I realized I left my prescription sunglasses in the rental car. I immediately called them, emailed them, and filled out their contact form. I did this 3 consecutive days and no one even bothered to communicate with me. Trash.

  • Derrick Blassingame


  • Edward Valderrama

This place is a nightmare. The line was longer than a ride a Disney. On a Friday they only had 2 people working the counter. Go to enterprise, the seemed to have their stuff together. If you make your customers wait that long, you need to find a new line of work. BUGET DO BETTER!!!

  • Patricia Jordan

Baby, if this is the Downtown location, that female behind the counter is ghetto! Insane! And IGNORANT! Poor customer service, using ill verbiage when conducting business - yikes, don't do it people! The airport location was professional and conducting business with them was great!

  • Asante Hill

Senior Level Market Manager Lara did an exceptional job taking care of me. I truly appreciate her customer service. While I had a tough experience with the company, she recovered the situation and retained me as a customer. Thank you Laura! Truly thankful for the experience.

  • Teresa Hall

Have prepaid reservations and the line is 2-4 hours long!!! WTH!!! No one from management to explain anything to the people waiting. No breakout lines for those with reservations from those without reservations. Last time I rent with this company EVER! …

  • Kate •

They are a terrible company to rent from. Was hit by someone else and mother and daughter both got injured had to get medical help and therapy. They don’t return calls and help been trying to work with them for over a year to help this family. DONT USE THEM.

  • Anthony Yarborough

If I could rate it less I would. Terrible experience. Firstly they didn't take my credit card("we don't take your kind of credit card") Next they tell me the insurance I purchased wasn't good. Then they charge me an extra 300 because of their insane policy.

  • Prineet R

One of the best rental places I've been to in the recent times. This is my 2nd time here and they never disappoint. Very friendly and easy to work with. Great service, you should be in and out within no time. Great work guys, keep up the good service !

  • Amber Williams

If you want to waste your time and be given the run around then book through this location. Wasted my time and money while also being delayed to get to my destination. Ended up just driving my own car. Will be calling corporate to get a full refund.

  • Lynwood Strickland

I had an suv rented on September 15 until the 29th and I have now been waiting 45 minutes for an suv to be cleaned. Heard nothing yet and I would appreciate an explanation. You may have lost a customer. Please get me a car as I continue to wait.

  • Ashley Banks

If I could I would give zero horrible experience horrible customer service glad to know I wasn’t the only person to be treated totally unprofessional. They have a contract with some one and it’s not like regular budget rentals beware

  • Mayhem

Horrible. We flew in from colorado. And they wont allow us to rent a truck with a debit card. We booked it online. But cant pick it up they are rude. I do not reccomend this place at all! They offer no help. They dont accept cash.

  • Natasha Herbert

If you can, don’t reserve your car here! The staff was so unprofessional. The young lady Mya was rude and had an attitude the whole time we were there. If you can find another Budget location not downtown you may be better off.

  • Brittany Shannon

Avoid at all costs. This location has far and away the worst customer service I've dealt with at any company (not exclusive to Budgets or rental car companies). Maya in particular was a nightmare. Go elsewhere!

  • Y'Keisha Avery

Please make sure you are all the way filled up with gas. When I returned the car, there was 2 gallons of gas missing from the car and they charged me 9.99 per gallon. I will never rent from this company again.

  • Eric J

Budget saved the day. Had an existing reservation with Thrifty. After waiting three hours in line was told sorry-no cars. Went to Budget who had a much more professional staff and was able to rent a vehicle

  • Stem & Flats

I’ve learned that the downtown locations for Budget often offer a better experience and better vehicles than the other neighborhood locations. I rent from here frequently and am usually very satisfied.

  • Jenara (Jenara)

Disgusting. You read reviews hoping that the person maybe just had a bad experience that one time but, no. You can just tell the people here are super unhappy with their job so the service is horrible.

  • Staci J

The daily price was so inflated, it felt like I was leasing or financing a vehicle. I was charged a daily rate of 133 or more. My final fee for 5 days was over $700 minus $80 returned for deposit

  • Das Xeres

Austin town ohio truck dirty broke down found out that the steer column alone with parts shocks missing underneath for the roaches in truck front took up a lot of gas ⛽ I need to be compensate

  • Katie Doerr

We had a family emergency and had to get a car last minute. They provided us with a great deal for a one way car and did so with a smile! We so appreciated the help during a stressful time.

  • TaeJo Yoo

waited over 3 hours to get the car that was prepaid. no sense of urgency and staff doesnt care about how long people have to wait... save your money and time and rent a car elsewhere.

  • Maria

Absolutely horrible service. Waited over 1hr in line and they did not have my reservation ready. Lady at counter was despicable, never have been treated so bad. She should be fired!!

  • Dara Hayden

My experience today was HORRIBLE. The black lady was so rude and unprofessional. I can’t believe she is even working there. She is lucky that she didn’t get a beat down! Horrible.

  • Maurice Lambert

Horrible customer service, called to extend reservation was given several different amounts and not explained the reason why? Very rude lady and inconsistent information.

  • kevin martin

Budget Car Rental at The Courtland Street, Atlanta GA, location is very sufficiently run, the staff is extremely courteous, and every person there was extremely helpful.

  • Tyler Brennan

They stole my iPad after having me pay for a shipping label to have it returned to me. I have opened a police report to get it back. Stay far away from this place.

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