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OSHi Floral Design is a Florist located at 215 6th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37219. It has received 350 reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars.





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  • The address of OSHi Floral Design: 215 6th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37219

  • OSHi Floral Design has 4.9 stars from 350 reviews

  • Florist

  • "Horrible experience"

    "Placed an order here because it looked close to my hotel"

    "We found Oshi through our cake baker at Sweet Things Bakery and used them for our wedding in March 2018 at ONE at Cannery Row"

    "In the nine months I’ve dated my boyfriend, he has sent me at least ten bouquets of flowers"

    "I was in a panic because the flower wreath crown I had ordered from Etsy was not going to be delivered in time before the scheduled portrait session (which I had to fly out for)"


  • Allison Brown

Horrible experience. Called and asked about getting a small arrangement for my elopement and said I didn't want to spend more than $30. Shelley said yes absolutely, send me a picture of what you want. I did. She said some of the flowers were not in season and I told her as long as the flowers were small and in that same color scheme I'd be happy. Then she turns around and tells me a bridal bouquet is $130.....? No. I don't want a bouquet. I want a small arrangement that I will rip apart to use in my hair and in my husbands boutonnier. Finally get the order invoice and pay. On August 23rd. Elopement is on September 9th. Husband arrived to pick up flowers 45 minutes before our ceremony. They had nothing ready and copped an attitude with him as if I had made a last minute order. Guy goes to the back, comes back, apologizes for the wait (Hubs is now late for ceremony) and says he threw some extra flowers in. He lied. My arrangement was supposed to be white wax flower, burgundy roses, and seeded eucalyptus. My arrangement was red Daisy's, eucalyptus, and some purple lillies. I emailed them after the wedding and they did refund my purchase but I wouldn't recommend using Oshi.

  • Daniel Moody

Placed an order here because it looked close to my hotel. WARNING: if you’re calling OSHI Florists on 6th Street, this number is actually for Rose Hill Florists several miles away. They’re good about checking when you’re picking up an order, but not so much when you place the order. They claim they have contacted Google to get this updated, but with all this supposed awareness they can’t say the following line when you call to place an order: “Are you aware this is not OSHI Florists and instead of the 6th street location you’re placing an order at _____ address?” To top it off, this is the most expensive Ho-hum arrangement of flowers I’ve ever received. I wouldn’t use Rose Hill ever again.

  • Stacy Jackson

We found Oshi through our cake baker at Sweet Things Bakery and used them for our wedding in March 2018 at ONE at Cannery Row. We are so happy she sent us their way! Since we live in Texas, we did all of our planning through phone calls and email. Shelley truly understood the concept I was going for, and helped me choose the types of flowers and colors that would look best with our scheme. Because I’m short and small, I requested a smaller bridal bouquet and it was absolutely gorgeous as well as the perfect size. Overall, we were so impressed with how beautiful our flowers were and how willing they were to work within our budget! Thank you so much for bringing beauty to our special day!

  • Grace Moguel

In the nine months I’ve dated my boyfriend, he has sent me at least ten bouquets of flowers. Oshi knew him by first name basis. This last time I received a bouquet, I knew there was something off just by looking at the arrangement. When I did a Google search, I see they are now owned by Rose Hill. Don’t get me wrong, the flowers were fresh but it lacked in the artistic design and touch Oshi had. An Oshi design could be spotted a mile away with their detail to attention, mixing rare flowers in a bouquet, making it unique, delicate with elegance mixed in. Rose Hill was just basic and nothing that stood out. Hope they bring in someone that has that magic touch Oshi had.

  • Patricia Villalta

I was in a panic because the flower wreath crown I had ordered from Etsy was not going to be delivered in time before the scheduled portrait session (which I had to fly out for). I asked my neighbors on NextDoor for recommendations, and the first one I got was Oshi. When I reached out literally two days before I had to fly out, my very first interaction with Joey at Oshi left me confident I was in good hands. I shared an image of what I wanted, and he sought out the materials and made an exact replica of the image. The crown was beautiful, and he finished it for me by the next day. Super professional, pleasant, and reliable. THANK YOU JOEY!

  • Susan Sandberg

My mom and I went to Nashville to celebrate her 75th birthday and I ordered flowers from OSHi Floral. My mom does not have a "favorite" type of flower so I asked them to just design something with her favorite colors. The floral arrangement they did was beyond beautiful and was so reasonably priced. My mom said she has never gotten a more beautiful arrangement in her life and I would have to agree with her. I want to thank this florist for the amazing customer service they provided in advance of our arrival and just prior to receiving the flowers. They were by far, the best florist I have ever encountered. Thank you OSHi florist!!

  • Lisa Klobuchar

OSHi went above and beyond for me. The flowers I ordered for delivery never made it to the recipient. It did take several days to get in touch with OSHi but when I did, they were very sympathetic. They proved the flowers were delivered but no one had any idea where they went. They were kind enough to make a completely new arrangement and deliver it the next day. Their willingness to make the situation right even though it was not exactly clear what went wrong meant the world to me. And the second arrangement was even more beautiful than the original. Thank you, OSHi. You’ll be my first choice for flowers from now on.

  • Alan Kubey

Though I cannot yet comment on the actual flowers/design, I must commend their customer service. I reached out to have a small vase of flowers delivered to my wife at a nearby hotel to celebrate her birthday while she was away. They delivered as promised. It appears, however, the hotel lost the flowers. Despite the hotel giving me the run around and despite Oshi having done what they were asked, Oshi offered to send over another arrangement to make things right even though the mistake was NOT theirs. That is the above-and-beyond customer service that I truly appreciate! Hope these folks do well!

  • Lesley Paone

I would not use them again. I ordered Valentines day flowers from them, they made it at 4:30. Part of the whole idea of flowers on Valentines day is everyone else in the office seeing them. It might be silly, but it is. When they come that late in the day you lose that effect. The price for the arrangement was cheap, $170 for 2 dozen roses, but it was really reflected in the arrangement itself. It came with virtually no other greenery or anything to break it up, just 2 dozen roses in a cheap vase.

  • Jacquelyn Marushka

I always choose Oshi, over every other flower shop in Nashville, because of how detailed they are. Everything they do is artfully and tastefully created. Their flowers and plants are of the highest quality, they are a joy to work with from initial phone call to delivery of the arrangement, and I’ve never had such a gold-standard experience with any other flower shop. Anywhere. When looking for a flower shop in Nashville, you need to look no further than Oshi!

  • Brenda colosimo

My sister and I visited the shop the day that they were preparing for the CMAs. They stopped doing what they were doing to take the time to help us order flowers for my moms Memorial service. They did not take advantage of us because we were grieving. The flowers were delivered on Saturday on time and were absolutely beautiful. Everyone complimented us and wanted to know where we ordered from. Great experience, excellent product, fantastic staff.

  • Arianna Sonson

OSHi hit it out of the park, and exceeded my expectations! This was my first time ordering with them, and I certainly will order again. I ordered the Designer’s Inspiration 100 and “stepped it up!” The flowers delivered to our admin (for Administrative Professionals Day) were absolutely gorgeous! Ordering was easy, they took my special instructions and nailed it, and delivery was flawless! Thank YOU, OSHi!

  • Denny Jackson

Thank you very much for your personal touch. It was good to let the professionals do their work because my wife was left speechless, completely amazed. She described the arrangement as sensual and sexy (possibly due to the orchids added). It is such an amazing arrangement! I never thought flowers could have such a powerful effect! I am grateful to you! Your work added to the joy of our 25th anniversary.

  • Beau Brothers

So a month later I used Oshi for flowers for my wife's birthday on 2.14 and once again the flower arrangement was over the top. If your not using these guys your paying too much for what your getting. Thanks again for such great work. This was the first time I have used Osha and I am more than satisfied. You all did a great job on the flowers!! Thanks so much. GREAT JOB!

  • Andrew Berkowitz

Wonderful arrangement delivered early to the restaurant for our wedding anniversary. My wife received numerous compliments not only from other customers who stopped by our table to marvel at her flowers, but also from several of the restaurant staff themselves who said that while they see many flower arrangements, none were nearly as beautiful as these. Thank you OSHi!

  • Angela Griffis

The best florist in Nashville! They created the exact Valentine arrangement from the picture I sent. They were beautiful! Stephanie really took time to work with me even though they were extremely busy for the upcoming holiday. She even made sure the note was changed at the last minute and that the roses were delivered on time. I highly recommend Oshi.

  • Marcus Taylor

I had the best experience ever today at OShi Floral Design. Special thanks to Stephanie Mosley for making the process so easy and putting the biggest smile on my friend’s face. Stephanie even sent me pictures of the flowers and even went a step further and took a picture of my friend receiving the flowers! She loved every thing. Thank you again!

  • Jay Minkin

I live out-of-town and had ordered a nice bouquet for a friend celebrating a very special occasion. They made sure that it was taken care of and the presentation was all that and more. I'm very grateful and appreciate how Oshi Flowers was able to make both the sender & receiver's day with their quality, service, and commitment to excellence.

  • cheryl thurman

My husband had an arrangement delivered to our hotel for my birthday recently. The bouquet was absolutely gorgeous. He told them to do anything they wanted. Who ever made my arrrangement is very talented. The size, quality, and freshness of the flowers are phenomenol. I would definitely recommend OSHi Floral Design. CT, Louisville, KY

  • Brenda W. Wilson

I initially gave a Sad review because I thought the delivery was at the wrong address. However I want to retract that review to say I am more than satisfied with Oshi delivery and the floral arrangement. It was beautiful, using the freshest flowers and superior design. This is the reason I chose them. So sorry for the mistake.

  • whitney copeland

I ordered an arrangement to be delivered to my girlfriend and not only did it arrive perfectly on time but it was so beautiful! Vickie was so kind over the phone and I will definitely be a repeat customer! Thank you Vickie for a beautiful arrangement and helping me spoil someone who so deserves it.

  • D Tudhope

The flowers are beautiful!! And I truly appreciated the service from person I spoke (and I cannot remember his name, but he was wonderful!!!!) in chosing and ordering. It was a very important day, and being out of town, it was extremely important the bouquet arrived on time! Thank you Oshi!

  • LaKeela Davis

The floral bouquet was delivered as requested and looked JUST LIKE it did on their website!! It’s rare when the actual product resembles the advertisement, but Oshi Floral Design Nashville created and delivered this bouquet just as advertised. I will patronize them again with confidence!!

  • soheila khaila

Flower I received was on Friday by front door. Weather was hot and my flowers were not protected from heat. So it lost its freshness. The flowers some stems weren’t property in the water. Also I did not get any food for flowers. The arrangement is nice ccthe color of flowers are beautiful

  • Ryan Martin

Came in looking for an arrangement for my girlfriends birthday. The woman I spoke with told me they didn’t have much stocked because it was early Monday morning and they were waiting on a delivery. Regardless, 50 bucks got me a gorgeous arrangement that she put together on the spot.

  • lismc715 Rolltideuser

Unsure of from where to order flowers on a weekend night for a Monday delivery, but trusted my gut on this one. The online experience was easy, delivery was apparently on point, and now I’m really impressed with the email which had a photo of the arrangement. Top notch!!! Thank you!

  • allison moorby

Kathy went so above and beyond and was an absolute pleasure to deal with, from ordering with her over the phone to sending me photos of the arrangements that were made to delivering the flowers personally. I have found my new go-to florist in Nashville. Thank you, OSHi!

  • ashley jaeger

I cannot express in words the gratitude I have for delivering the most stunning arrangement I’ve ever seen. I had a vision and it was created and executed with precision & perfection. Thank you Stephanie & Oshi for your creative skills, you’re the best in the business!

  • Courtney Cameron

I ordered flowers for my friend in Nashville, who lives in Germantown. I live in Georgia. She called me as soon as she got the flowers and LOVED them! The detail and creativity were stunning. Will order future Nashville flowers from here and recommend to anyone!!!

  • Jackson Crossley

I would definitely use them again. I ordered some flowers to my girlfriend’s work and she loved them. They were professional and friendly the whole time and very courteous when I called about an ETA the day of and told me that my order was out for delivery. 10/10

  • A Russell

The arrangement was perfect. She loved the colors, the fragrance and the vase. They were unable to deliver when requested but called to let me know and these folks certainly went the extra mile to make it right. Highly recommend this florist! Great experience!

  • Betsy Briggs

OSHI creatively developed bouquets for all our Salon Artists to welcome them back after our COVID-19 ten week mandatory shutdown. Wow, did they impress. Thank you for making each of them smile with such a uniquely created art piece. We’ll be ordering again!

  • Melly Shelley

When gifting my top clients, I only use Oshi. They always put together a showstopper and I am always asked “Who did the beautiful arrangement!?” They are amazing, putting in such effort with interesting, unique arrangements and especially careful delivery.

  • Robin Rast

Cathy was terrific and created a beautiful custom arrangement last minute on Mother’s Day and delivered it! True story. Definitely a five star establishment. If you’re looking for a special bouquet, the quality and customer service at OSHi can’t be beat

  • Jaclyn Mothupi

Oshi has terrific attention to detail that sets their arrangements apart from the rest. Joey, their general manager, went above and beyond to ensure my last order exceeded expectations. I highly recommend supporting this long time, local gem of a store!

  • Teri Webb

Stephanie was the BEST!! So kind and helpful. The arrangements for the rehearsal dinner were spectacular! Absolutely stunning and went with the venue perfectly. I cannot say enough about Stephanie and Oshi Floral. I highly recommend their services!

  • Jim Snyder

I spoke with Marlo who went out of his way to assist me in every way. Including sending me a picture of some beautiful Orchids that were arriving while we were talking. This company is very customer focused and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks!

  • Jade Schuler

I have used Oshi a couple times now, they’ve been so wonderful and kind as far as customer service goes and the flowers have been even better. The arrangement was beautiful and my girlfriend got them on time and was very happy with me. …

  • Beth Haney

Appreciated everything about this florist. Ordering was super easy even from another state! The website helped define what I wanted to send, and the recipient told me it was the prettiest bouquest shes' ever received! I highly recommend Oshi!

  • Elizabeth Schneider

We live out of state and needed some flowers fast while visiting family. Oshi took great care of us and made a beautiful bouquet! I highly recommend them and appreciate their help to our family. I would give them more than 5 stars if I could!

  • Brooke Goodman

This company was wonderful. I tried ordering from another company that was a bad experienced so I had to order sort of last minute with Oshi. Their website was easy to use and they called me to tell me delivery would be slightly later in

  • Alex Chan

Beautifully selected 25 stems of white roses arranged astoundingly at our dining table for our 25th anniversary. Never seen such beautiful and large blossoms like two normal rose buds combined as one. Excellent work, Oshi and thank you!

  • Mark Robohm

I am not from Nashville, but needed to get some flowers to a local in short notice. It was late in the day and I called a few, but only one florist said, "sure thing we can help you out." That was Oshi. Thank you Colin - easy, and nice!

  • Rebecca Robinson

Quick to respond and although my initial inquiry via the email on the website did not go through, they contacted me after business hours to take care of it over the phone. Flowers are beautiful and delivered within stated timeframe.

  • casey chung

Stunningly beautiful arrangement! I have been a consistent customer of Oshi and they always come through with the most beautiful of arrangements with the highest quality flowers! I love their work and their staff is amazing!

  • Ricky Botes

Ordered a lot of bouquets from Oshi and they have all been absolutely beautiful!!! I normally leave it to the florists inspiration and each time Im blown away. Thanks for spreading the smiles and joy with your bouquets.

  • Loren Russell

I've used Oshi on several occasions and they are a great partner. Every time they have found a way to accommodate my request with exceptionally well designed arrangements. They continue to earn my business without fail.

  • Rob Pinson

They are great at floral designs and deliveries. They come to your home, your office, anywhere. They even made a special delivery for me in an emergency situation. You must use them. We especially love their orchids.

  • Maggie Chancer

Ordered flowers late Sunday night for a Monday delivery and I admittedly gave some strange instructions. By noon the next day, they had delivered gorgeous flowers that somehow fit my description. Much appreciated!

  • Lisa Stokes

I ordered a floral arrangement and my sister in law took a picture and said they were the prettiest flowers she has ever seen! I agree they were above and beyond expectations!!!! Thank you Oshi Floral Design!!

  • Danica Giffen

Wonderful, caring service during a difficult time of moving my grandmother to hospice and not being able to physically see her. They delivered flowers promptly so she would know we are “there” with her

  • dawn spinell

They are excellent at unique beautiful designs...they understood exactly what i was looking for and when i saw what they delivered on my behalf, it was perfection, just gorgeous...highly recommend

  • Natalie Suarez

I completely entered a crazy delivery address and they called me on the busiest day of the year to correct the address and get the arrangement delivered on time. And the arrangement was beautiful.

  • Christopher Polhill

Called to have a bouquet delivered to my wife’s room while she was in town for work. Pleasure to deal with over the phone, arrangement was beautiful and delivered very promptly to her room.

  • Allen Parker

I'm very pleased with the arrangement that came today for my friends birthday. I would definitely recommend this service for anyone who wants a great display at a fair price. …

  • Bonnie Schorsch

Oshi did a beautiful Asian inspired floral design as a congratulations for my daughter on her new job! So striking and will last a long time without a lot of fuss or care! Thank you!

  • Harrison Bryant

The tulips I ordered were miniature. For $80 I would hope to receive something bigger than a box of kleenex. Very misleading, very disappointed, very poor business. Will not be back.

  • Dan Carr

Oshi did a great job making my Mother's birthday special! I was in a bind and they delivered all the way out to Springfield for me. Thanks so much. My mom loved the arrangement.

  • Bailey Brandon

Oshi took care of me when I was in a crunch. Not only were the flowers beautiful, but the service and compassion put into the bouquet was 5 star. I would highly recommend!

  • Narasimha Kumar

Thank you for delivering the flowers at such a short notice. Wonderful service. I wish the online ordering could be easier. Thank you for the beautiful flower arrangements

  • Danielle Palardy

Got a bouquet for my mother in law for Mother’s Day. The bouquet was stunning! Really high quality flowers and an amazing, creative arrangement. I will be coming back!!!

  • Hannah Dati

Oshi's is great! I needed an arrangement the day of and they were quick to make it happen! It arrived right on time and was fresh, full, and exactly what we wanted!

  • Jeremy Parrish

Fantastic! I flew into Nashville on a delayed flight and got here 30 minutes before they closed. They made an absolutely stunning arrangement for me on the spot!

  • Reisha Moxley, Ph.D.

Wonderful service and creative designs! Ms. Kathy went above and beyond. Her design eye and esthetic are as amazing as her attention to the customer experience!

  • Lainey Metze

This is the first time we have used Oshi Floral. We really like the original design and choice of flowers. We will definitely use you again. Thank you so much!

  • maria cavender

The arrangement was simply lovely and just what I had expected. Oshi is "my go to" florist. I assure you, you will never be disappointed in their arrangements.

  • Kurt Fankhauser

Momma loved her flowers from Oshi's. Oshi delivered to the Hermitage Hotel and her flowers were the first thing she saw when she walked into her room.

  • Jon Austin

I called short notice about a hotel delivery today and was give an excellent health and they completed my order in less than two hours delivered.

  • Deb Esborn

Very easy to order online, was delivered only hours after I ordered, and my friend loved the flowers! Doesn't get much better than that! Thanks.

  • Grace Goosree

Oshi's always does a wonderful job on our flowers - so professional, lovely and eye catching! Amy Young was delighted with her flowers today :)

  • Angela Harman

Beautiful arrangement and delivered in a timely manner. I would recommend this florist to anyone looking for something special for a loved one.

  • Torrie Jones

This is my second time using this florist and both times the arrangements have been beautiful!! Thank you...all the way from Memphis, TN!

  • dawn kote

Working as a concierge, I always use Oshi. Thay make beautiful arrangements & the team is always so helpful. They make my job easier

  • Farrah Zughni

Oshii is a Nashville treasure. I’ve been going to them for years and they always surprise and delight. True artists in every sense.

  • John and Sharron White

My daughter had a Birthday bouquet sent to me at our hotel. It is beautiful! She said they were great to deal with long distance.

  • Judy Mudgett

Stephanie was very responsive and the arrangement was just as I described only better and was delivered quickly as requested.

  • Debbie Malone

As always our flowers were delivered properly and so beautiful! Exactly what we have come to expect from Oshi! Thank you!!

  • Nicholas D'Andrea

The bouquet was gorgeous and the delivery was next day as promised. This was a perfect experience and I highly recommend.

  • Andrew Scholey

Easy to order from UK for delivery in Nashville. Beautiful flowers (Jolt of Yellow) delivered as required. Very pleased.

  • Craig Hottell

Totally gorgeous and most importantly, my Bride Loved her arrangement! Thank you from South Texas, Craig and Kathrine.

  • Patti McLerran

Ordered for my boss' birthday - they're visiting Nashville. The picture was beautiful - I'm sure she will love them.

  • Robb Goldwire

The driver was very nice and professional. The flowers are fresh and the arrangement is perfect for our anniversary!

  • James Bristol

Arrangement is stunning, going away gift for my legal assistant. She is on the clouds, very happy with this result.

  • M D

Most beautiful and unique flower arrangements I've ever seen love the work they do and how it makes my lady feel

  • Michael McCurry

Oshi has been and will forever be my only florist. They find a way to exceed my expectations every single time.

  • A Johnson

Great fast service, very helpful staff. Think I'll be going here for all my flower needs in the Nashville area!

  • Theresa Giannone

Really beautiful arrangement - listened to the notes and arrived on time for my dinner reservation. Thank you!

  • Nicole Frangione

Oahu was super helpful & great to work with- I ordered online & flowers were delivered promptly the next day!

  • Leslie Hafner

I saw a picture of the arrangement and it is so bright and happy. Exactly what I hoped for. Thank you Oshi.

  • Chuck Mergenthaler

Beautiful floral arrangement. Pictures don’t do it Justice! Will recommend and order again! Thank you!

  • Teddy Jones

Called and ordered same day! Very nice and beautiful Say Hey yellow roses arrangement. So pleased.

  • Tammi Gunhus

Sent to my daughter in Nashville for her birthday. She said the flowers were gorgeous! Thank you!

  • Ben Harrison

Ordered flowers for my girlfriend and they arrived just at the perfect time, thank y’all so much!

  • Casey Pounds

Perfect arrangement. It was even better than pictured on the website. Thanks for the A+ service.

  • Kelin Morris

They went above and beyond & it really made the occasion I was celebrating so much more special!

  • Catherine Reeves

Excellent experience once again. You delivered exactly what I wanted on short notice. Thank you!

  • Blythe C

Our friend loved the succulent plant! it was just what the doctor ordered to brighten the day.

  • Mary Lynn Satterwhite

Joey was extremely helpful and his design was perfect for the recipient and for the occasion.

  • Addison Kell Oelze

Amazing flora ! Ethan shane is absolutely the best there is at the craft. Highly recommended

  • Hope Riley

My arrangement was the most beautiful arrangement possible. I could not have been happier.

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